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Building solid foundations together.

Core Paste

The Proven Time Saver for Core Build-Ups and Posterior Restorations.

For over 30 years, Core Paste has helped thousands of dentists perform reliable core build-ups with complete confidence.

  • Dual-cure formula
  • Stackable viscosity and excellent handling characteristics
  • Cuts like dentin
  • Radiopaque


Beautiful Temps. Beautiful Price.

Perfectemp10 is a premium multi-functional acrylic composite temporary crown and bridge material that delivers the strength that patients need at a competitive price that dentists desire.

  • 10:1 automix formulation
  • Superior strength
  • Natural-looking luster
  • Cartridge or syringe
  • Five Vita shades


Dual-Solvent Bonding Agent

Tenure4G is a 4th generation multi-purpose, self-cure adhesive system for bonding any resin restorative to all intraoral surfaces. Tenure4G’s formulation contains added ethanol to reduce patient sensitivity.

  • Ethanol and acetone for strength and sensitivity control
  • Improved bond strength
  • Self-cure
  • Easy to use


All-Purpose Resin-Ionomer Cement

Infinity is the all-purpose resin-ionomer cement that is great for all zirconia and metal restorations. It is also ideal for porcelain-to-metal, all-ceramic, resin and ceramic inlays/onlays, cast metal and all types of posts.

  • Cleans up in seconds
  • Self-adhesive
  • Dual-cure formula
  • Low film thickness
  • High bond strengths to all surfaces


Resin-Ionomer Restorative Material

Geristore is the self-adhesive, easy-to-use, resin-modified glass ionomer that you will find yourself using on your most difficult to your everyday restorations. Choose Geristore for a variety of clinical situations:

  • Base material/liner
  • Pulp-capping agent
  • Subgingival restorations
  • Abfraction lesions and root resorption lesions
  • Re-cementing crowns and bridges

Nuance Universal

Universal Light-Cured Restorative Material

Nuance is a light-cured micro hybrid composite that simplifies the composite restoration process like never before. It’s translucent when thin and opaque when thick. One body shade can be used for an entire restoration with flawless, natural looking results.

  • Superb handling properties
  • Creamy consistency easily spreads
  • Available in nine shades
  • Convenient flip-top syringe or pre-loaded tips for minimal waste

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