Why did DenMat decide to partner with Henry Schein in the UK?

Henry Schein has a broad reach throughout the region with over 40 field representatives. Our existing sales team will partner with these representatives to bring our professional products to areas and customers we haven’t been able to reach.

Will the partnership with Henry Schein change the assortment of DenMat products being offered?

All existing DenMat products will continue to be available, with fulfillment now handled by Henry Schein.

Who do I call to place an order for DenMat products?

You can continue to call your existing DenMat area representative by dialing 0800 655 6210 within the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, or by calling Henry Schein directly at 0800 023 2558.

How can I get in touch with my DenMat area representative?

Our area representatives are always available to assist you with product questions, lab cases and sample requests. They may be reached by dialing 0800 655 6210 or directly:

In Northern England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Eire, Midlands: In London, Wales and southern England:

Lynsey Atkin


07399 452 465

Jay Samra


07508 564 215


I’m a DenMat Lab customer. How do I submit a Lumineers or Snap-On Smile case?

Lab cases will now be handled directly with the DenMat Lab in California. Please send your impressions, Rx form and case photos to:

DenMat Lab
1017 W Central Avenue
Lompoc, CA 93436-2701

Can I send cases to the DenMat Lab by emailing Digital Impressions?

We accept intra-oral scans from a variety of different services, including: Itero, Trios, 3M/Carestream, Sirona, as well as raw STL files. Submit your digital impression through your intra-oral service provider or email the STL files to laborders@denmat.com. If the file is too large to send via email, please use a secure file transfer website, such as Drop Box or WeTransfer to submit your digital impression.

Will this change in process for Lab cases change my shipping fees?

Shipping your case to DenMat in California is free when you email the DenMat Lab at lab@denmat.com and request a shipping label. The label will be emailed to you.  Please check your regular email and your spam folder in case it accidentally drops into it.

What is your normal turn-around time once you receive the case?

Once the case is received and evaluated, our normal turn-around time is 10 business days plus shipping time. (US Holiday’s may add extra days to the period of time the case is in-house.) Any design approvals (Digital, Wax, Bisque) will add time to each case.

Are there any changes to the fee schedule for Lab cases?

Lumineers and Snap-On Smile cases and other dental lab requests will now be based on the U.S. price list and payable in U.S. dollars and all cases must be pre-paid prior to it being shipped.

How much does it cost to ship the case to me?

Shipping cost from DenMat to your office is $60.00 USD.

How can I make a payment for a Lab case?

All Lab cases require a credit card payment prior to return shipment. Arrangements can be made by contacting the DenMat International team at +1 805 347 7990.

How do I contact DenMat Lab in the U.S. to discuss my case?

You can call toll free 0800 655 6210 or +1 805 346 3785 after 2:00 pm UK time (6:00am-5:00pm Pacific) or by email lab@denmat.com.

What is DenMat’s “Remake” policy for UK Lab Cases?

Shipping charges for remakes, under warranty, for DenMat Lab cases, wherein the remake is a result of a manufacturing defect, or error on the part of the DenMat Lab, will not be applicable.  Remakes as a result of changes in desired specifications, may result in applicable shipping charges to and from the DenMat Laboratory.