Core Paste® XP Syringe has the same strength and excellent handling characteristics of original Core Paste®, with over 29 years of clinical success. The auto-mixing syringe is easy to use and creates up to 60% less waste than cartridge systems that require a dispensing gun. The stackable viscosity allows you to build up without a matrix or core form and the dual-cure formula gives you the confidence of a self-cure with the option of light-curing to speed the procedure.

Core Paste® XP Syringe is a creamy, radiopaque paste developed specifically for highstrength, reliable, core build-ups. When there is insufficient tooth structure available for a fixed prosthesis, Core Paste® XP Syringe provides the added strength and stability needed for long-term clinical success.

Core Paste® XP Syringe is available in Enamel and White, and White with Fluoride. Core Paste® XP Syringe is also available with fluoride for added protection.
“I have used a few of these other 'highly-rated' popular core materials you see advertised and let me tell you, Core Paste® is the best material on the market.” -Dr. George Diaz,
Core Paste® XP Syringe is available in Enamel and White, and White with Fluoride. Core Paste® XP Syringe is also available with fluoride for added protection.

“I have used a few of these other 'highly-rated' popular core materials you see advertised and let me tell you, Core Paste® is the best material on the market.” -Dr. George Diaz,
Long Beach, CA
“Core Paste® is in a league of its own for core build-ups!”


• Core build-ups
• Integral post and core procedures
• Cementation of posts
• Repairing and preventing split roots
• Esthetic posterior restorations

• Dual-cure Formula
• Auto-mixing syringe delivery
• Excellent handling characteristics
• Enamel and White shades
• Radiopaque

• Assures complete polymerization in all situations.
• Eliminates hand mixing; less waste than cartridge/gun systems.
• Stackable viscosity and syringes easily; cuts like dentin.
• Enamel shade enhances the esthetics of translucent restorations.
White shade is easily distinguished from tooth structure.
• Easily distinguishable in radiographs.

Will my bonding agent work with Core Paste?
There are bonding agents on the market that do not work with self-cure composites. Contact your bonding agent’s manufacturer if you are uncertain if the product is compatible with self-cure composites. Tenure is the best bonding agent to use with Core Paste® due to years of clinical success. Tenure was specially developed to give you the strongest bond when using Core Paste®. Tenure will also be compatible with any light, self, or dual-curing materials in your office, and so would be a great addition to your practice.

What is the advantage to using Core Paste® over amalgam?
Amalgam presents a mercury hazard. Additionally, the color is not esthetic. It requires two office visits and does not bond to the tooth. With composite materials, a one-visit build-up can be achieved. Additionally, it bonds to the tooth, is ready to prepare in 5-10 minutes, can be tooth colored, cuts like dentin, can be applied freehand or matrix/core form, and is less likely to cause root fracture.

What is Core Paste and what delivery systems are available?
Core Paste® is a composite resin system that has high compressive strength and simple placement characteristics. It is available in jars, syringeable (auto-mixing, dual-barrel syringes used with a dispensing gun), and XP a self-contained, dual barrel mixing syringe (no gun required). All of these delivery systems are a paste/paste formulation.

What is the main benefit of Core Paste® XP?
Core Paste® XP makes the procedure Faster, Easier and Better. The stackable viscosity eliminates the need for matrix or core forms. It is also a dual-cure material available in white and enamel shades. It results in 60% less waste than cartridge systems and requires no mixing, no mess.

What does the phrase “cuts like dentin” mean?
The diamond won’t jack-rabbit at the transition from tooth to core, causing ditching or an irregular surface.

Why use Core-Posts?
The Core-Post® was designed to flex with teeth under normal conditions eliminating tooth stress and fractures that can occur with a standard metal post.

How do I know when to use the carbon fiber posts versus the glass fiber posts?
Select glass-fiber posts for anterior teeth where esthetics are paramount and a toothcolored core is needed. The low modulus of elasticity is similar to dentin and allows for flexure without root fracture. Carbon-fiber posts have an increased strength and modulus of elasticity that allow their use in select posterior as well as anterior cases.

Additional information

Core Paste® XP

030652110 – Core Paste® XP Enamel w/Fluoride
030653110 – Core Paste® XP Enamel
030654110 – Core Paste XP White
030655110 – Core Paste® XP White w/Fluoride

Each Kit Contains:
4 10g Syringes (40g)
40 Auto-mix tips
40 Clear intra-oral tips
6 18 Gauge intra-oral tips
Tenure A&B bonding agent
3 Light cure test rings

Core Paste® Syringeable

030625100 – Core Paste® White w/Fluoride Self-Cure
030635100 – Core Paste® White Self-Cure
030645100 – Core Paste® Enamel Dual-Cure
030625500 – Core Paste® White w/Fluoride Self-Cure w/Gun
030635500 – Core Paste White Self-Cure w/Gun
030645500 – Core Paste® Enamel Dual-Cure w/Gun

Each Kit Contains:
1 – Dual chamber syringe 50g
20 -Auto-mix tips
20 -Intra-oral tips
3 – Light cure test rings
BondLink bond enhancer 6mL
Mixing Pad

Core Paste® Jars

030612525Core Paste® White Quick Set w/Fluoride
030622100Core Paste® White w/Fluoride
030593121 – Core Paste Enamel
030599105 – Core Paste® Enamel w/Fluoride
030616325 – Core Paste® Enamel Quick Set w/Fluoride
030617325 – Core Paste® Blue Self-Cure
6100 – Core Paste® White

Each Kit Contains:
• Core Paste A jar 25g
• Core Paste B jar 25g
• 25 Centrix tips and plugs
• 10 Mixing sticks
• 6 mL BondLink bond enhancer
• Mixing Pad
• 3 Light cure test rings

Core Paste XP Intro Kit

030657110 – Core Paste XP Enamel with /Fluoride Intro Kit

Intro Kit Contains:
• 2 – 5g Core Paste Enamel with Fluoride syringes
• 6 – Auto-mix Tips
• 6 Clear intra-oral tips
• 3 Light cure test rings


030653105 – XP Clear Intra-Oral Tips (10pc)
030777615 – XP Auto-Mixing Tips (10pc)
030593121 – Syringeable Auto-Mixing Tips (20pc)
030599105 – Syringeable Dispensing Gun
030057301 – Centrix Tips and Plugs Orange