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LumiGrip makes placing Lumineers and porcelain restorations simple!

Place Lumineers using the 9-to-3 o’clock rule.



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LumiGrip makes placing Lumineers and porcelain restorations simple!
The gentle way to place Lumineers, or any veneer, with ease and confidence! The sleek LumiGrip hand-piece is ergonomically designed, fully autoclavable, anodized aluminium. It maximizes suction forces from standard saliva ejector and HVE lines in order to securely and delicately assist in the stress-free and precise placement of “contact lens-thin” Lumineers and enables precise placement.  Held like a pen, the powerful suction force directed through the soft silicone cup securely grips the veneer. A slight, effortless retraction of the index finger against the rotary valve, on the body of the hand-piece, is all that is required to turn off the suction and release the Lumineers.



LumiGrip Suction Kit

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LumiGrip Suction Tip Kit

Part No. #030752110

LumiGrip Kit (25 suction tips included)

Part No. #031752150

LumiGrip Grey Hose

Part No. #040752102

LumiGrip Suction Tips

Part No. #030752110