DenMat Lab was the first dental laboratory to design and fabricate thin veneers. Backed by over 30 years of experience, world-class education, and the latest digital lab technology, Lumineers produce naturally beautiful smiles with the greatest preservation of tooth structure possible.

Send us a case to find out why Lumineers is the #1 patient-requested veneer. Now available in:

Dentistry by
Dr. Peter Harnois
Hinsdale, IL

  • Multiple materials
  • Cerinate II® – Lucite reinforced porcelain
  • IPS e.max® – lithium disilicate
  • Multiple Preparation Techniques
  • No prep
  • Enamel contouring
  • Traditional
  • Multiple Fabrication Techniques
  • Pressed
  • Cut-back
  • Stacked

Brighten Stained & Discolored Teeth

Reshape Small or Misshapen Teeth

Eliminate Spacing and Gaps

Align Crooked Teeth

Restore Chipped Teeth

Renew Old Dental Work

A.R.T Additive-Reductive Template

Minimally-invasive dentistry is usually more challenging than traditional preparation. A.R.T. (Additive-Reductive Template) is DenMat’s new, innovative process designed to make even complex cases simple.Following the A.R.T. process will:

  • Provide three options to address varying case types: No Reduction (additive only), Strategic (additive and reductive), and Idealized (additive and reductive)
  • Ensure optimal, easy to follow, conservative case planning for each individual case
  • Give the dentist and patient the chance to approve the new smile in a close-to-final form prior to fabrication
  • Deliver an accurate replica to the lab with a pre-approved “blue print” for the case, minimizing remakes and saving your valuable time
  • Deliver predictable, beautiful esthetics, and assist you in becoming a “Minimally-Invasive Smile Design Expert”

No Reduction – Additive Only

Pre-Op Model

Additive Wax-up

Matrix of Wax-up for the “Trial Smile”

Strategic – Additive and Reductive

Pre-Op Model

Incisal and Interproximal

Reduction Template

Additive/Reduction Template

Matrix of Wax-up for the “Trial Smile”

Idealized – Additive and Reductive

Pre-Op Model

Facial Reduction

Incisal Reduction

Gingival Reduction

Matrix of Wax-up for the “Trail Smile”

Additive/Reductive Wax-up

Lumineers® Placement Kit

Ready to place a Lumineers case but not sure you have what you need? Now everything you need is in one convenient package. This system takes you through try-in, placement and finishing.

Kit Contents

Tenure® Adhesive A & B 6mL Schure 349
Ultra-Bond® Plus Cement Shade Supreme White 6g Dappen Dish 4pc
Ultra-Bond Plus Cement Shade B0 6g Brush Tip Handle
Ultra-Bond Plus Cement Shade B1 6g Brush Tip Handle
Ultra-Bond Plus Cement Shade A1 6g CeriSaw™ Anterior Handle 2pc
Ultra-Bond Plus Try-In Shade Supreme White 1g CeriSaw Anterior Blades 10pc
Ultra-Bond Plus Try-In Shade B0 1g CeriSander™ Strips Ultra-Fine 6pc
Ultra-Bond Plus Try-In Shade B1 1g CeriSander Strips Fine 6pc
Ultra-Bond Plus Try-In Shade A1 1g Lumineers Finishing Diamond & Bur Block
Tenure® S Dab-Eze® 3g Mixing Pad
Paint-On Dental Dam 3mL Black Syringe Tips 20g/20pc
Etch ‘N’ Seal® 3 mL Pink Syringe Tips 18g/ 20pc
Porcelain Laminate Polishing Paste 5g Brush Tips 25 pc
Cerinate Prime™ 5mL Brown/Clear Mixer Tips 10pc
Porcelain Conditioner 6g Lumineers Placement Guide
Lumineers Technique DVD Buy 6, Get 2 Lumineers Free Coupon


To look like natural teeth, porcelain restorations must be highly translucent. Lumineers are clearly the #1 choice for achieving a brilliant, white smile while replicating the natural characteristics of enamel.


Lumineers are fabricated in cerinate feldspathic pressable porcelain.

  • Lumineers low viscosity glass allows for the pressing of restorations as thin as 0.3mm with exceptional strength.
  • At 216 MPa, Lumineers are made with the strongest leucite-reinforced ceramic on the market.
  • Lumineers shows low wear rates against opposing dentition when compared to conventional veneers.
  • Available in all Vita shades.

Lumineers are supported by over 20 years of clinical research (click here for more information)

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The following instructions are relevant to Lumineers and are available for download in PDF Format.

DMUK _ART_Lumineers_Guide_Rx_form_reader_1016