SplashMax Jumbo Cartridge

SplashMax’s Snap Cure Rate Ensures a Precise Impression

  • In order to ensure a precise impression, two preconditions have to be fulfilled in the setting process.
    First, during working time the material needs to remain flowable. No premature setting should occur in this period.
    Secondly, as soon as the tray is placed in the final position the setting process should be as fast as possible.
  • As can be seen in the curing profile (green background), the viscosity during working time is hardly increasing, the material remains flowable. Thus smallest details are reproduced properly.
  • Once the tray is placed in the patient’s mouth, the setting reaction is accelerated by the thermo-active formulation (snap-set). This is indicated by the sharper increase of the viscosity in the blue shaded part of the curing profile. The material hardens within a short period and becomes fully elastic, thus eliminating inaccuracies due to micro movements.


SplashMax premium VPS impression material is available in a convenient, cost saving 5:1 automix delivery system. Deisgned to work with all 5:1 automix machines, the Jumbo Cartridge has 360mL of impression material and is available in the Heavy Body and Medium Body viscosities
(regular set time – 4:30).

SplashMax Highlights:

  • Instant Hydrophilicity
  • Maximum tear strength & elasticity
  • Excellent dimensional accuracy
  • Thixotropic consistency and ideal flow properties
  • 4 high contrast colours, 2 delivery options
  • Wild berry scent

Independent testing, shows water droplets on SplashMax material dropped to 0° within 30 seconds whereas the lowest contact angle achieved by leading competitors in this same time frame was 18°.

Features Benefits
Instant hydrophilicity/wettability Low contact angle achieved within seconds, when it really matters. Results in consistent highly detailed impressions in a moist environment
Maximum tear strength & elasticity Keeps impression from tearing or distorting during removal from mouth or separation from model
Excellent dimensional accuracy 99% recovery after stretching and compression forces – prevents permanent deformation/distortion of the impression after removal from the mouth
High contrast colours Results in sharp contrast when used together
Thixotropic consistency & ideal flow properties Material is self-contouring and flows into the finest details
Wild berry scent Reduces gag reflex, alleviates patient discomfort

Each Kit Contains:

  • 2 – 360mL Cartridges of Impression Material
  • 20 Mixing Tips
  • 2 – Rotating Ring
  • Instructions

Additional information

Medium Body

Set Time: 4:30
Color: Blue
Recovery from Deformation: 99.8%
Strain-in-Compression: 3.2%
Shore A Hardness: 60
Linear Dimensional Change: 0.2%

Heavy Body

Set Time: 4:30
Color: Purple
Recovery from Deformation: 99.7%
Strain-in-Compression: 3.0%
Shore A Hardness: 62
Linear Dimensional Change: 0.2%


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