• FLASHlite Magna 4.0’s proprietary optics reduce the beam divergence often experienced with other lights, achieving maximum curing effectiveness in deep preps.
  • Sapphire Plus Lesion Detection System with Camera

    Product # Item
    033395600 Sapphire Plus Lesion Detection System Package with camera

    Sapphire Plus Lesion Detection System without Camera

    Product # Item
    033395700 Sapphire Plus Lesion Detection Package no camera

    Sapphire Plus Lesion Detection Consumable 100pc Pack

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    033491800 Sapphire Plus Lesion Detection Consumable 100pc Pack
  • SplashMax premium VPS impression material is available in a convenient 1:1 automix cartridge delivery system. Available in 4 high contrast viscosities (Xlite, Lite, Medium and Heavy) and two set times (2:15 & 4:30) cartridges are 50mL each and come with 2 cartridges per package. Bulk packaging is also available in 8 pack and 20 pack cartridges. Extra Lite and Lite viscosity cartridges include yellow mixing tips and intraoral tips for precise and controlled placement of wash material. Medium and heavy viscosities come with blue mixing tips.
  • SplashMax’s Snap Cure Rate Ensures a Precise Impression
    • In order to ensure a precise impression, two preconditions have to be fulfilled in the setting process. First, during working time the material needs to remain flowable. No premature setting should occur in this period. Secondly, as soon as the tray is placed in the final position the setting process should be as fast as possible.
    • As can be seen in the curing profile (green background), the viscosity during working time is hardly increasing, the material remains flowable. Thus smallest details are reproduced properly.
    • Once the tray is placed in the patient’s mouth, the setting reaction is accelerated by the thermo-active formulation (snap-set). This is indicated by the sharper increase of the viscosity in the blue shaded part of the curing profile. The material hardens within a short period and becomes fully elastic, thus eliminating inaccuracies due to micro movements.
  • The only dual-cured, restorative porcelain cement proven to last for 20 years Ultra-Bond® Plus is a multi-purpose, dual-cured, ADA Type II restorative, as well as a cement. Ultra-Bond® was custom designed to match the physical properties of Cerinate® Porcelain and tooth structure for long lasting restorations. Ultra-Bond® is backed by a long-term clinical study with LUMINEERS® made of Cerinate® Porcelain and Tenure adhesives that display low marginal stain penetration as well as a 100% retention with no debondings for over 20 years.