• These tools are particularly useful for interproximal finishing of multiple laminates and separating fused composite restorations. The handle allows for easy manipulation of the thin blades and offers total control for the prevention of accidental slips or injury. Designed for fast, easy-to-use, interproximal finishing, the Ceri-Saw™ and Ceri-Sander™ are safe and more comfortable for the patient than traditional disc and strip systems.
  • Cerinate® Prime is a one bottle, no-mix organosilane, ceramic primer. Research has shown it to increase and enhance the bond between composite resin and porcelain. It can be used in enhancing the bond of LUMINEERS® with Ultra-Bond® Plus, as  well as all composite resin luting cements with porcelain veneers. It also plays an important role in porcelain repair after the porcelain surface has been microabraded or etched with a porcelain etching agent like Porcelock® Porcelain Etchant. As a ceramic primer, Cerinate® Prime allows the clinician to create a high strength chemical bond between porcelain and composite that is microleakage free. Porcelain Conditioner is a citric acid pretreatment to activate and hydrolyze Cerinate® Prime ceramic primer. The use of Porcelain Conditioner as a pretreatment combined with the use of a silane ceramic primer, Cerinate® Prime, improves the durability of the porcelain-composite resin bond both in the bonding of all-ceramic restorations and for porcelain repair.
  • Core Paste® XP Syringe has the same strength and excellent handling characteristics of original Core Paste®, with over 29 years of clinical success. The auto-mixing syringe is easy to use and creates up to 60% less waste than cartridge systems that require a dispensing gun. The stackable viscosity allows you to build up without a matrix or core form and the dual-cure formula gives you the confidence of a self-cure with the option of light-curing to speed the procedure. Core Paste® XP Syringe is a creamy, radiopaque paste developed specifically for highstrength, reliable, core build-ups. When there is insufficient tooth structure available for a fixed prosthesis, Core Paste® XP Syringe provides the added strength and stability needed for long-term clinical success. Core Paste® XP Syringe is available in Enamel and White, and White with Fluoride. Core Paste® XP Syringe is also available with fluoride for added protection. "I have used a few of these other 'highly-rated' popular core materials you see advertised and let me tell you, Core Paste® is the best material on the market." -Dr. George Diaz, Core Paste® XP Syringe is available in Enamel and White, and White with Fluoride. Core Paste® XP Syringe is also available with fluoride for added protection. "I have used a few of these other 'highly-rated' popular core materials you see advertised and let me tell you, Core Paste® is the best material on the market." -Dr. George Diaz, Long Beach, CA "Core Paste® is in a league of its own for core build-ups!"
  • FLASHlite Magna 4.0’s proprietary optics reduce the beam divergence often experienced with other lights, achieving maximum curing effectiveness in deep preps.
  • Multi-use Hybrid with Unsurpassed Biocompatibility, Bond Strength, and Versatility The physical properties of this unique and extremely biocompatible restorative make it the ideal material for countless procedures that you will encounter in your practice. Geristore's dual-cure, hydrophilic Bis-GMA formulation makes it the product of choice for subgingival lesions and restorations involving soft tissue: - histological biocompatibility, adherence to dentin and cementum, release of fluoride, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and low polymerization shrinkage. A clinical evaluation of Geristore as a restorative material for root caries and cervical erosions showed it to be an acceptable material with 100% Alpha rating for retention, surface texture, and post-operative sensitivity. The auto-mix delivery system, with intra-oral tips, makes dispensing and placement fast and easy.
  • A crown cemented with Infinity is there to stay. Infinity cement is a self-adhesive, all-purpose cement ideal for cementation of porcelain-metal, zirconium, all-ceramic, resin and ceramic inlay/onlays, cast metal and all types of posts. The selfadhesive formula syringes easily into place, minimizing placement and post-operative sensitivity by sealing dentin tubules. You will get non-microleaking, stress-resistant margins every time. That's why thousands of dentists make Infinity their #1 choice in resin cement.
  • Instructions for Lumigrip - click here

    LumiGrip makes placing Lumineers and porcelain restorations simple!

    Place Lumineers using the 9-to-3 o'clock rule.
  • Applications

    • Interproximal finishing of composite and laminate placements
    • Separating fused contacts
    • Ideal for use with multiple laminate placements
    • Removes and reduces amalgam overhangs
    • Orthodontic stripping of teeth
  • LumiSmile® White - Discover the best value in Premium Take-Home Whitening

    Your patients will smile more after discovering LumiSmile® White Take-Home. LumiSmile White's proprietary formula will whiten your patient's smile in 1-2 weeks, and is formulated to minimize sensitivity. Choose from 32%, 22% or 16% carbamide peroxide concentrations flavored with real peppermint oil. LumiSmile® White also features an 18 month shelf life, unrefrigerated, so you can stock up! Get your patients LumiSmile® White today!
  • Nuance® - Subtle Made Simple

    For excellent fast results, fast, Nuance® is the composite material you can rely on for beautiful, strong restorations.  In the past, natural-looking meant multi-hour restorative work, with multiple layers, multiple colors, and a lot of patience.  Nuance® gives you the ability to achieve all this, simply and with a single shade: It’s translucent when thin and opaque when thick. One body shade can be used for the entire restoration with flawless, natural-looking results. You save time and money, and give the patient a beautiful looking tooth that you can both be proud of. Nuance® has a pliable, buttery consistency that extrudes effortlessly and is easy to spread and shape without sticking to the composite instrument, and is available in a universal & flowable.
  • All the Beauty. All the Strength.

    DenMat’s next generation of temporary material, Perfectemp10®, is everything that defines a premium temporary crown and bridge material, delivering fast, strong, and esthetic temporaries for the patient and your practice. Perfectemp10® features a 10:1 auto-mix formulation, accelerated set times (1:30 intra-oral, 4:30 full cure), minimal shrinkage, minimal oxygen inhibited layer for optimal handling and a natural looking luster with minimal to no polishing required.  Perfectemp10® is available in a 50ml cartridge pack that includes 15 auto-mix tips and comes in five Vita shades; A1, A2, A3.5, B1 and BL2. It is also available in a 10ml syringe that includes 8 auto-mix tips and comes in three Vita shades; A1, A2 and A3.5.