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Lasers have revolutionized the way doctors and dental professionals provide care.

Why laser dentistry? Lasers cut, cauterize, coagulate and sterilize.

Dental professionals who use lasers perform more procedures, in less time, with better results than those using traditional methods. Their patients also benefit from faster treatment with less overall discomfort.


Desktop Laser

The SOL laser delivers true portability, power and precision, along with enhanced ergonomics, a simple interface, and a high-contrast aiming beam designed to make laser dentistry easier than ever. The SOL is an inexpensive, non-intimidating diode laser that the entire team can use.

  • 3 easy-to-use presets and 1 custom setting to address all of your unique needs
  • Move easily between operatories with over 3 hours of lasing time on every charge
  • Tip sizes for all standard and periodontal procedures, priced at less than £5 per application
  • 3 watts maximum power on continuous wave, and 5 watts maximum power on pulse mode, delivering more than enough power for any soft-tissue need

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